Challenge Sessions

There are 5 Challenge Sessions proposed for ICIP 2019. Please find more information of each Challenge Session by clicking on the associated web link on the Challenge title.

Challenge Session 1Realistic Single Image Recovering in Adverse Weather


Jiaying Liu, Peking University, China

Wenqi Ren, Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Zhangyang Wang, Texas A&M University, China

Challenge Session 2: Mosquito Breeding Site Hunting for Dengue Fever Control


Hao-Yuan Cheng, CDC, Taiwan

Li-Kang Shih, ITRI, Taiwan

Challenge Session 3: Mobile Video Restoration


Yunfei Zheng, Kwai Inc., China

Bing Yu, Kuaishou, China

Xing Wen, Kwai Inc., China

Jiajie Zhang, Kuaishou, China